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With over 40 years experience supplying non-metallic bearings to many different industries, Thordon Bearings designs and manufactures the most complete line of oil and grease free journal bearings and wear pads. Superior technical support and customer service provide customers with bearing solutions in many industrial applications. Depending on the application demands, the optimum bearing may be selected among several Thordon grades and configurations.


Thordon XL, SXL, HPSXL and Composite (GM2401) are Thordon’s elastomeric bearing grades that offer exceptional wear life, low friction and excellent performance in wet or dry (except Composite) environments. Thor-Flex is a tough, highly abrasion resistant non-bearing grade elastomer formulated without internal lubricants. ThorPlas® is a new, proprietary, engineered thermoplastic bearing material introduced by Thordon Bearings. ThorPlas has been introduced to significantly expand the range of applications where Thordon bearings can be specified while still maintaining many of the recognized Thordon performance advantages.