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KCC Corporation is globally a leading entity in technology innovation of coatings with a robust world-wide presence in the automotive, decorative, industrial and marine industry employing today 5.000 employees. Since 1974 the company has grown into a world-leading producer of Marine Coatings and established the image of the “New Material Creator”.

Specifically, KCC Marine Coatings is a market leader, recognized for the excellent quality of its products and services. Ever since its establishment, KCC Marine Coatings has successfully supplied and served over 3,000 new-building vessels and more than 4,500 oceangoing ships.

The anticorrosive coating (Korepox EH2350) and antifouling coating (Seacare A/F795) have been selected as “World-Class Products of Korea” for the sixth and fourth year respectively. Among Korea’s marine coatings manufacturers, KCC is the first ever to achieve such record-setting performance.

Marine Coating products

•    Anti-Fouling Coatings

- Management of hull roughness
- Self-polishing and self-smoothing properties
- Extended dry-docking period and easy maintenance
- Excellent compatibility with previous SPC antifouling coating film
- Foul release antifouling coatings
  (Use of silicone produced by KCC, Free from antifouling agents or toxic compounds)

Seacare A/F795 Series, tin-free SPC anti-fouling coatings with KCC's own technology by KCC CRI(Central Research Institute), and the EgisPacific Series/ EgisArrow,Silyl types designed for fuel saving. 

•    Anti-Corrosive Coatings

- Excellent resistance to sea water, petroleum, fuel oil etc.
- Environmentally friendly (High SVR and tar-free).
- Applicable even in low temperatures (up to -18℃/-0.4F).
- Excellent anti-corrosive properties (approval PSPC TAC by class Pre-qualified by Norsok M501, ACQPA).
- Outstanding anti-abrasion and anti-shock properties.

Korepox EH2350 Series, an epoxy coating with excellent anti-abrasive, anti-crack and anti-corrosive properties, workable at low temperature even -18℃/-0.4F.

•    Cargo Tank Coatings

- Excellent resistance to cargoes
- Minimum limitation
- Smooth surface, low cargo absorption, less discoloration
- Outstanding corrosion resistance
- Quick recovery time
- Easy, efficient cleaning

•    Topcoat Coatings

- Outstanding color retention
- Excellent weatherability
- Excellent durability and good workability